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Size: Heart Handle


As a small, woman-owned brand, Muns takes pride in creating high quality pieces that you will wear for years to come. To commemorate Muns fifth anniversary, we’ve created a small collection of items designed in collaboration with five other women-owned local brands who share our core values and strive to produce long-lasting pieces. 

We chose a color palette that parallels a serene day at the beach: blues and neutrals. Every detail, from the design to the materials, takes meaning from our story. Most importantly, each item represents our idea of creating something “con amor” (with love).

Conloque is a ceramic and polymer clay studio focused on handmaking jewelry and homeware items. The name, translated to "with what", is based on the idea of starting a project with whatever's at your hands in the moment, believing that you'll grow in the process. With her designs, founder Daniela De Jesús, wishes to elevate daily routines with items that bring joy to its owner. 


      1. Prepare the clay
      2. Give form to the cylinder and the curves using the wheel throw
      3. Let dry a little and use the wheel throw again to fix any imperfections
      4. Make and glue the handle
      5. After a week, MUNS ocean inspired illustrations are drawn on the surface
      6. First burn for 6 hours at 1911 °F
      7. Take out of the oven on the next day and polish with a transparent food proof glaze
      8. Second burn at 2160 °F 


      • Stoneware ceramic
      • Beige with sea inspired, blue handdrawn designs
      • Two options available:
        • Heart handle
        • Rope handle
      • Both mugs are 8oz
      • Microwave safe
      • Hand wash for longer durability
      • Production time: 2 weeks
      • Limited time Con Amor Tote Bag included with purchase

      Made in Puerto Rico

      Con amor.


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