Our story

We want you to know us.

We are Bianca and Paola Muns. Two sisters working together with love in the making of this brand. MUNS brand is our most precious creation so far and we want to share the story behind it.

We grew up surrounded by hard working people that taught us every day about discipline, compromise and working hard to succeed. Influenced since an early age by fashion, we had the privilege of working with our uncle in his jewelry company and learned so much on the way.

As we grew older, we knew we wanted to create our own brand; but first, we needed to expand our knowledge. Bianca studied accounting and gained experience by working in retail, merchandising, web development and product analysis. She is currently making a second major in interior design. Alongside Bianca, Paola majored in business, independently studied digital design and gained experience on production methods.

Thanks to our past experiences and shared passion, we, initially, decided to start MUNS as a jewelry line in 2015. Five years later, we desired to expand our brand by launching our first clothing collection made locally with sustainable fabrics. All of this was achieved with so much effort and help from fashion colleagues, friends and family. We are always extremely grateful to everyone that has helped us grow along this beautiful path of growing and transforming MUNS to the brand you know today.

We wanted to build a different brand, rich in design and quality. As well as bringing to life the “less is more” concept; because we strongly believe thatone timeless high-quality piece is better than having multiple low-quality short life pieces. Altogether, we can say our business goals rest in creating the possibility of a responsible and sustainable slow fashion brand. Because we are committed to our brand and our customers, we have put all our effort in looking for sustainable ways of making our brand possible and creating values and goals of sustainability to guide us along the way.

Thanks to MUNS, we've had the privilege of growing personally and professionally in so many ways. We wish to share our journey with you, and we'd love to get to know you too. Thank you always for supporting our brand. We are dedicated to creating consciously and responsibly timeless investment pieces that will last you a lifetime.

With love,
Bianca & Paola





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