About us

Meet MUNS designers and founders- sister duo Bianca and Paola. 

Paola and Bianca started MUNS as a jewelry line back in 2015 strongly believing of growing the brand differently, by educating the public to value design and quality. Later on 2020 they launched their first clothing collection made in Puerto Rico with sustainable fabrics and they hope to achieve the same with their clothing. They strongly promote the “less is more” concept and believe that one timeless/good/high quality piece is better than having 10 low quality, mass produced pieces in your closet. 

Paola graduated from business and took several courses on digital design and has experience on production methods. Bianca graduated from accounting and has experience in retail, merchandising, web development, product analysis and she is currently making a second mayor in interior design.

All the jewelry is consciously designed in an original sketch and then transferred into a computer-aided design (CAD). After completing the design the pieces are produced in USA and some on a small factory in India. The materials used for the composition of the pieces are 14k gold filled, 18k gold over silver and semi precious stones.

However, the clothing is inspired by vintage silhouettes that celebrate every body type.  The garmets are made of 100%  linen and are valued for their exceptional coolness and freshness in hot and humid weather. The production of this fabric requires less water and fares better in terms of toxicity. We bring the highest quality of linen making them a true investment piece for generations to come. We wanted to create timeless pieces that serve as a staple in your everyday wardrobe. The clothing is created and sourced in Puerto Rico on a small factory led by women. 

Both clothing and jewelry are made with the best materials for it to last a life time if taken care of properly.