Our Values

Our values and practices for a healthier Mother Earth to share all. 

♥   We believe in quality over quantity.

♥  We are committed to creating high quality, season-less and timeless investment pieces.

♥  We are committed to designing and creating responsibly made products.

♥  We don’t believe in mass production and feel proud to be part of the slow fashion movement.

♥  Our packaging is sustainably thought and made. It is recyclable, reusable, and biodegradable.

Our Goals

We want to save the planet.

♥ Continue creating in sustainable ways with responsible materials, timeless investment pieces.

♥ Working 100% towards a circular fashion model - a concept that can save the planet.

♥ Sharing knowledge with our consumers and helping them to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

♥ Minimizing waste in our production and manufacturing process.

♥ For us this is a work in process that will never end, there is still so much to do regarding sustainability.

Our Materials

It is really important for us how we create our products and the materials we use to make them. Our materials have been chosen with care because we know the impact they have on the planet. We choose materials that minimize waste and high consumption. We are committed to design and create responsibly made products.

Our Production

Locally designed with you in mind.

♥ MUNS Garments: We are proud to work one on one with an amazing team of seamstresses that craft our designs. MUNS garments are handmade in a factory in Colombia. We prioritize ethical labor and equal pay. We are thankful for the hands that help in the creation of MUNS investment pieces.

♥ MUNS Jewelry: We would love to produce all of our jewelry locally; but currently there are no jewelry factories in Puerto Rico. All of our jewelry is designed locally and manufactured in small factories in Rhode Island, New York and India.

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