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♥ MUNS Garments: We are proud to work one on one with an amazing team of seamstresses that craft our designs.

MUNS garments are handmade in a small factory called The Apparel Lab in Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico. We prioritize ethical labor and equal pay. We are thankful for the hands that help in the creation of MUNS investment pieces. Being able to work closely with The Apparel Lab gives us the opportunity to control fair pay practices and make sure we can deliver the best quality to you.

On December 2021, we partnered with Apparel Lab. This allowed them to continue in business and produce direct profits for their employees.

Owning a local, sustainable manufacturing business is extremely challenging in Puerto Rico because of the higher fixed costs and taxes + most of PR factories provide fair wages and a safe environment for their employees compared with other countries. 

We love being able to say that our pieces are made at our lovely island, Puerto Rico. We promise we will keep working hard, doing things the best way possible and evolving as a sustainable brand. 

♥ MUNS Jewelry: We would love to produce all of our jewelry locally; but currently there are no jewelry factories in Puerto Rico. All of our jewelry is designed locally and manufactured in small factories in Rhode Island, New York and India.

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