Rainbow Anklet

The Rainbow Anklet was designed in collaboration with Manzana Studio. 

The anklet features a 10" inch 14k gold filled cluster chain and natural semi precious stones, carnelian, lapis lazuli and peridot. Spring ring closure.

Please note the gold plating is more than industry standard for long term duration.


About the collaboration

 In early fall we reached out to friend and fellow local entrepreneur Daniela; owner of Manzana Studio to talk about collaborating on something fun and mindful. Daniela has been incorporating eco friendly practices in her business for a long time. Her nail studio has been a pioneer of vegan friendly options  and nail art on the island. With a fun and playful space and energy, Manzana does good as well as makes sure you look and feel good. 

As we continue to grow and evolve as a brand; we want to continue to integrate sustainable practices. This partnership is the perfect match to unveil our first pieces made from recycled metals!

Inspired by Manzana; we designed playful pieces that embrace nostalgic charms. A vintage blow dryer, a hair comb, and other whimsical little messages are sprinkled throughout the pieces.

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