Care and Repair

We want to help you care for your pieces so you can enjoy them forever.

As we prioritize taking care of our planet, we want to educate our customers on how to care for your MUNS investment pieces.

We hope that you will apply these tips to your pieces as you build your timeless wardrobe. This will allow you to always have something to wear. You will see! Buying consciously is a must, protecting your investment, and the planet too!



Caring for your garments properly can help them last forever.


♥ How to care for your MUNS garments?

-We recommend hand washing in cold water or you can also machine wash on a cold, gentle cycle.

-Afterwards, just lay the piece flat and air dry.


♥ How to care and extend the lifespan of your MUNS jewelry?

-We recommend cleaning your jewelry with a polishing cloth. No chemicals.

-Because silver reacts when exposed to oxygen and may oxidize, we recommend safe keeping your pieces in a temperature controlled

environment. If this happens, don't worry! Your piece will come back to life after cleaning it with your polishing cloth.

-If you decide to take your pieces to the beach, after clean them with tap water and dry them with a cloth gently.

-Taking your pieces before getting a bath extends the life of the plating. 




Extend your jewelry’s lifespan by caring and mending.


♥ Because we believe in zero waste, shopping less, and repairing more; we offer repair services for the restoration of any of your MUNS investment pieces.


♥ If you have used your piece so much that it has lost some its spark we can help you! We want to help you preserve your MUNS piece forever. For this reason, we have your back whenever you need us. We offer repair services for your MUNS jewelry pieces such as gold baths, chain change and more.


♥ Feel free to contact us for more details about our repair services to:

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